Unpleasant odors affect the quality of life both at work and in everyday life.

In professional life, these can be, for example, care and rehabilitation facilities, the food industry or commercial kitchens where employees have to work in a permanently odor-polluting environment.

The applications in private everyday life can be, for example, poorly ventilated toilets or kitchens in old apartments or apartment animal husbandry in large cities, which unnecessarily affect our lives.

Our air purification unit with integrated odor filter technology completely neutralizes and removes these unpleasant odors.

Environmentally friendly cleaning of the air

The latest filter technology with six-fold special coating completely eliminates unpleasant odors. ALPHAvent+ cleans a room with standard dimensions within 10-15 minutes.

The air is purified in an environmentally friendly way, promoting people's health and well-being.

Made In Germany

ALPHAvent+ was manufactured according to industrial standards, all parts / spare parts are available at any time. Due to the high environmental impact, plastic parts were primarily omitted. The high-quality full metal housing is powder-coated.

Low-noise, chemical- and ozone-free odor neutralizer

- Up to 600 m³ air flow per hour
- Low noise with 40 dB (similar to a soft whisper)

Latest filter technology with impregnated activated carbon

With each pass/circulation, 85% of existing odor molecules are proven to be intercepted and bound.

Low voltage device

Due to the high level of device safety, particularly suitable for use in the healthcare, nursing and public areas. Device class 1 (Tested by Austrian accredited certification body). Technical specification: 12 V 5AMP 60 WATT

Intuitiver, programmierbarer Touchscreen

Speed adjustable for any work needs. Fully automatable operation (air volume, time programmable).

ALPHAvent+ will be available soon.

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